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Hey Sam! Thanks for writing this up, I find it quite fascinating! I was curious what is the state of the project these days? 🙂 Did you ever get any traction on prototyping this in Roam?

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Hi Sam,

a very interesting project that's on my list of work to follow. Looking forward to playing with your prototype when it's ready! I'll also have a closer look at the Clojure port of SICM which I hadn't seen before. SICM seriously suffers from being trapped in a near-obsolete Scheme dialect.

I have been thinking along the same lines as you for a while, moving on from the single-page notebook to a Wiki-like document, and integrating Knuth-style literate programming for code with notebook-style literate programming for computations (which is not quite the same). My prototype is [here](https://github.com/activepapers/activepapers-pharo), with motivation/documentatio in [two](http://blog.khinsen.net/posts/2019/02/11/the-computational-notebook-of-the-future/) [blog posts](https://blog.khinsen.net/posts/2019/05/09/the-computational-notebook-of-the-future-part-2/) and a [workshop paper](https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02533110).

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Hi Sam. Is there any way I can get involved in this project? The tools, techniques, ideas (Physics, Clojure, explorable explanations, Seymour Papert) you've mentioned here are just too close to my heart. I know clojure(script) to intermediate level, physics somewhat. Though what I lack on knowledge of physics I can make up via enthusiasm and bit of a slog. I'm open for writing reviews, writing a bit of code, trying things out as a beginner or just any other way to get involved.

One early idea I had was doing something on the same lines but for physics at an earlier level (example: Thinking Physics by Lewis Caroll Epstein https://www.amazon.in/Thinking-Physics-Gedanken-Lewis-Epstein/dp/0935218084) . But open for working on classical mechanics too! Hanging on to hope of contributing something to this effort :fingers-crossed:

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