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Hi Sam

Just a very quick note to say hello, found this from the link on github's SICMutils site. I like your concept! I tried to log on Discord, but my device doesn't support the app, I'll try again later with a different one.

Yes, I do like messing around with this stuff, my main constraints at the moment are

1) time

2) huge gaps in basic foundation knowledge

I am working as fast as I can on 2) not much I can do about 1) at present

I am delighted to see that Colin finally has someone that actually knows what they're doing contributing to the project. I tried to help a bit in the very early days (pre-conference-video) with some testing. Dunno if I helped at all, but I did have some very interesting conversations with Colin, especially about the core nature of SICMutils: specifically seeing it as a suite of elegantly coupled utilities that is language-agnostic at heart. You know, generic types, up/down structures, AD, bit of standard CAS stuff, etc, but all from a functional orientation, with Spivak as the lodestar, as I think lrc put it.

At the moment I'm not working much with the Clojure port, but I am following the github PRs. I often try to think about implications and implementations of a generic type system, including irrationals, first class series, polynomials, etc.

My maths is lacking in many areas, but my medium term project is to work through FDG.

I'm also having a little sojourn into FPGAs, revisiting SICP Ch.5

Anyways, just to say I'm around, even when quiet, and many thanks for your contributions to the sicmutils project! At some stage I may contact you if there's any simple legwork to be done. I'd like to know more about your plans for documentation.

As for the cljs port... wow

If people can get this thing on browser, it may signal the start of a much greater uptake.

All the best and more power to your elbow!



Bristol UK

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Hey Alex! We've been chatting in the channel, but I didn't want to leave this hanging... I'll note first that I have huge gaps too, more like big, missing swathes. That's the fun of the project, is filling it all in via implementation.

On to the browser! I'm glad we're getting the gang together again :) I wonder if we can get GJS hanging in the Discord?

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