Welcome to the Road to Reality

Welcome to The Road to Reality! My plan here is to produce, every one to two weeks, a primer or lesson on some interesting topic in math, physics, machine learning or artificial intelligence, with a heavy emphasis on locking down the intuition behind the ideas over mere symbol shuffling.

We live in an outrageous time. We’re on the cusp of an explosion in networked science; thousands of scientists around the world are trying to figure out how to make machines conscious; the planet is melting, and only with the right knowledge can we stop thrashing ourselves to death. The ticket that gets you through the gates of any of these frontiers is technical knowledge.

The artifacts of hardcore math and science are some of the most exquisite jewels our species has produced. I find a lot of it intimidating, but I’ve managed to shift my former prickly Ego-fear to a sort of awed appreciation.

I put a good deal of time into studying these topics on my own, but the time has come to start sharing the wealth. I’d love to do this with a community, and take guidance from you all on what’s exciting, and what we should learn together.

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