Welcome to The Road to Reality! My plan here is to produce, every one to two weeks, a primer or lesson on some interesting topic in math, physics, machine learning or artificial intelligence, with a heavy emphasis on locking down the intuition behind the ideas over mere symbol shuffling.

Why Subscribe?

I put a good deal of time into studying these topics on my own, but the time has come to start sharing the wealth. I’d love to do this with a community, and take guidance from you all on what’s exciting, and what we should learn together.

Every one or two weeks you’ll get a lesson in your inbox, with a link to an expanded version with interactive code, if I’ve gone particularly overboard.

My real goal here is to build a community of folks interested in this sort of technical leveling up for its own sake. If you’re interested at any level, please subscribe, and send me a note at sritchie09@gmail.com telling me about some of your own goals, or things you’d like to explore together.


Sam Ritchie
AI research @ X, Founder @paddleguru & @racehubhq, formerly @Stripe, @TwitterEng. Co-author of @summingbird.